Waspah - Tuned Maze, published by Flyby Records

Waspah - Tuned Maze, published by Flyby Records

Waspah - Tuned Maze

Waspah was founded in 2010 by Montreal musician and electronic engineer David Lamarre. Tuned Maze is his first release, a 14 tracks album that came out early January 2011 on Flyby Records. Using a bunch of old-school analog synthesizer, as well as modern technologies, Waspah offers a solid blend of electronic music. Rich melodies, deep bass, and funky drum beats are all part of this great debut album, Tuned Maze.
- So when did you start making music ?
- At the age of 16, in my parent’s basement.
- Why did that happen ?
- I took 4 years of piano lessons, and 4 more of drum lessons. I was playing a lot of drums in a local punk rock band, and then, I wanted to do a little more. My mother had a Yamaha Clavinova, with a 2 tracks midi sequencer from Roland. I started composing little songs on this, and it was cool. A friend of mine, at school, was listening to Nine Inch Nails, and he showed me what we thought then was the way those guys created music : FastTracker. It was a MS-DOS based program that allowed us to step sequences raw samples, create patterns and export songs on a VHS tape. That is when I started understanding the multiples steps to create music. Then, I convince my parents to sell the Clavinova, my acoustic drum and an electric bass, and I bought an ASR-X sampler/sound module. It was a great machine back in 1998, because you could do everything in the box. You could sample your voice, mix it with fx, add some sequenced drums and melody, and export all that to an audio tape. My passion was born.
- So when did you discovered analog synths ?
- Shortly after, I listened to many Aphex Twin albums, and I was wondering how he created his drum sounds, because there were no sampled snares or high-hat. That’s when I discovered analog synths. The first one I bought was a SIEL DK-600, followed by a Korg Mono/Poly. From then, I have always used loads of different analog synths because they sound simply beautiful.
- So what gear did you used on this album ?
- Mostly my old Korg 770, DSI MEK, Elektron SidStation, Waldorf Q, Yamaha FS1-R, Sequential Pro-One, Ensoniq ESQm, Roland alphaJuno.
- So which track are you the most proud of ?
- I love Helios Field, because of the obvious mix between two technologies, old analog synth and crispy digital ones. It is sometimes hard to mix both in the same track, but I think that I was successful on this one.
- So where does the name of the album comes from.
- Tuned Maze comes from the way I approach making music. I see it like a giant maze of possibilities, because of the many synths I own, and the endless directions offered by modern technologies. You can easily get lost in this maze and do non-sense music. I think the best way to create something interesting is to tune your mind with the synths you control, so that the songs will be creative and will make sense. Once the maze is tuned, the path becomes clear and you know what you have to do.
Well, I will say that I loved listening to your album, the sonic textures are amazing, and it sounds refreshing and cool. I hope you will continue to make music as you do, and when you will get the second album out, I will be there to follow your story. Thanks Dave.

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